Junior Camp

The Junior Golf Clinic is key to the continuation of this lifetime sport of golf.  And here at DJ's, we take that to heart with a devoted staff to nurture the deployment of our Junior Golfers.

This year will kick off our 29th year of our week long junior golf camp! Due to the overwhelming requests, this year, we have decided to run THREE golf camps!!  One for PA schools, one for NY schools, and a third because you asked!!  Our Junior golfers can do all weeks, if they choose to, or if they can't make the first week, or the second, they can come to the third week.  The first camp will be June 8th - June 12th.  The second camp will be from June 29th - July 3rd.  And, the third camp will run August 3rd - August 7th.  Each week, will run daily, from 9 to 11:30 am, including lunch and ice cream for $12.00 per day. All experience levels,  ages from 5 to 17, are welcome.  

 Congratulations to all our junior golfers in 2019 and thank-you for making the week a great success, You were all incredible!