8th hole 134 yards par 3

The Par 3 course at DJ's, is the perfect game improvement for those who desire a better game! With yardages from 85 yards to 228 yards, compiling to 1,416 yards:  these nine holes will challenge the seasoned veteran, as well as provide the beginner, intermediate or junior golfer with all aspects of becoming a player!  And for those who don’t have the time for the regular links, our course provides the perfect option for a truly quick nine holes after work.

6th hole 164 yards par 3

4th hole 225 yards par 3

2nd hole 126 yards par 3

1st hole 124 yards par 3 

 7th hole 137 yards par 3
 9th hole 188 yards par 3
5th hole 151 yards par 3
 3rd hole 126 yards par 3