Adult / Junior Golf League

Adult/Junior Golf League
When we think of golf, we should be thinking of a game that can be played for a lifetime. We should think of all the opportunities it provides us with. Whether it be a chance in business to meet a new employer, a promotion, a new friend, or the most important; FAMILY TIME. We get so busy in life, especially as we get older, we lose those special moments that used to be sitting around the dinner table or a family game night. When the kids move out and on their own, it gets really difficult to spend quality time with them, even now, with all the distractions (electronics). INVEST in their future, and yours, and take some time out to PLAY SOME GOLF!! You’ll be amazed how much more meaningful conversation comes out on the course and the payback in the future will be invaluable. After nearly 40 years in the business and the trends and people I’ve met, I feel this is the most important gift I can give back to the game that’s given me so much. We will be launching a ADULT/JUNIOR GOLF LEAGUE next year and a lot of preparation must be completed now to get this running by the spring of 2018.  My plan is to have 2 or 3 divisions based, on the child’s age and ability, providing different tees to compliment that as well. If your child, wife, or husband doesn’t play, we will be having golf schools (very affordable) at different times and days to get you rolling. We are hoping to run this league one night a week, but also realize summers are busy and vacations are usually taken, so my hope is if you can’t make a league night arrange another day or time you can play your match with the other group or we can pre or post golf our match.